Staff Policy

  1. Punctuality – All staff are to be punctual to work at all time. Lateness attracts a fine.
  2. All employees are to sign in and out appropriately and use the movement book when required. Failure to do so would attract a 500 fine.
  3. All employees are to abide by the school rules as regards security. Such as declaring valuables on entering the school premises, making sure the administrative co-coordinator is aware before leaving the school premises, etc.
  4. Using of mobile phones either through making or receiving calls is hereby prohibited during official hours. Similarly, vernacular speaking is also completely prohibited. Failure to abide attracts immediate query.
  5. Pupils should not be spanked for any reason. Refer to the school Executive Director.
  6. Official languages of the school must be strictly adhered to; which is English language.
  7. Insults, abusive words between teachers and pupils; relationship beyond school matters between teachers and parents will not be tolerated. This may attract immediate suspension/dismissal.
  8. Each member of staff shall be held responsible for the safety of the pupils put under his/her care at any period of time.
  9. Any member of staff issued 2 Queries shall have to appear before disciplinary committee.
  10. Maintenance of relevant statutory and academic schedules is compulsory.
  11. All members of staff are to be safety and security conscious at all times.
  12. No staff is permitted to request any form of levies, contributions or demand from pupils or parents without due authorization.
  13. All staff are to represent the school in the best manner at all times both within and outside the school premises.
  14. Staff are to be well and decently dressed to school at all times.
  15. No wearing of native wears from Monday to Wednesday but Thursday. Teachers are to wear sport wear on sport day.
  16. Being rude verbally or attitude to high superior would attract a warning (sanction).
  17. Staff leaving ones class to another during official hour is totally not acceptable.
  18. Teachers are not allowed to leave the school premises during business hours.
  19. In case of personal emergency, members of staff are to call the school administrator/executive director.
  20. Absence from work will need proper excuse to be taken, and provision of evidence.
  21. School is only entitled to pay 3 days casual leave in case of health issues, but will not pay if the day is extended beyond 3 days. This is better explained under the subject “Emergency”.
  22. Staff is entitled to take 2 days excuse only in a term, with typed written letter of excuse.
  23. Teachers taking excuse to be absent from work should put their class in order and assign a teacher to their class.
  24. Without proper evidence to be absent from work, the excuse will not be granted.
  25. All lesson notes and lesson plan are to be submitted at the end of the week (Friday).
  26. Unable to meet deadlines given will attract serious sanctions.


  • Act and maintain a high standard of integrity and professionalism.
  • Be responsible and scrupulous in the proper use of the school’s information, funds, equipment and facilities.
  • Be considerate and respectful of the environment and others.
  • Exercise courtesy, consideration and sensitivity in dealing with parents, pupils, management and staff.
  • Perform duties with skills, honesty, care and diligence.
  • Staff should conduct him/herself in a professional, ethical and socially acceptable manner of the highest standards.